Martin Viidik

Game Developer with a with a diverse background having worked on various commercial and non-commercial game projects, enterprise virtual reality solutions, large scale modding projects and software outsourcing. Originally from Tallinn, Estonia, but currently based in Berlin, Germany

On this website you will find some of my works, ranging from professional to personal.

Professional work experience

Ubisoft Berlin – Technical Designer (May 2023 – Present)

Working on an unannounced AAA title

realworld one РUnreal Engine Developer  (June 2020 РApril 2023)

Building interactive Virtual Reality solutions for the life science and analytical, pharmaceutical, chemical and processing industries using Unreal Engine 4

Participating in the content creation pipeline as a technical designer, working together with other developers on tasks ranging from project breakdowns/estimations, incorporating new gameplay features from design process to full implementation to mentoring and onboarding new developers within the company.

Helmes – Junior Software Developer (September 2019 – April 2020)

Full-stack web development. Worked with .NET, Java, VueJS, AngularJS

Data Integration for MTR Nordic transport and logistics systems. Worked with .NET, iCore, Microsoft Workflows, Azure

Estonian Defence Forces – Conscript Software Developer ( July 2018 – May 2019)

Mandatory 11 month long military service. Assigned to Cyber Command units Software Development team

Participated in software development and UX design process. Responsible for documentation and problem management. Worked with Java, Maven, Puppet, AngularJS, GitLab